Posted by Webmaster on Dec 05, 2014

“By involving our family members, we make all of our endeavors more successful and enjoyable. We also address the problem, often cited by younger members, that Rotary competes with family time. Once people realize that they do not have to decide between Rotary and family, they will be more likely to accept our invitations to join.
And just as important, once they do join, they are much more likely to become and remain educated, productive Rotarians.”  Jonathan Majiyagbe, RI President 2003-04 (the first year Family month was recognized on the Rotary calendar)

 “It is important to integrate our own families into the family of Rotary.
Rotary should be something that brings our families together – not a force that pulls them apart.
Rotary clubs and districts can offer diverse service and social activities that appeal to all members. This is critical  if we want to attract younger members, who may have children as well as other demands on their time.” Glenn E. Estess, Sr. - RI President 2004-05   

“But the family of Rotary can be more than a single family unit. It can represent many aspects of the organization.
The  RI  Board is part of the family of Rotary International. So is each district as well as each club.
Each Group Study Exchange team is part of the family of Rotary. So are our Rotaractors and Interactors and our Youth Exchange students studying abroad. Our RI training leaders and all of our committees and resource groups form various parts of the family of Rotary. 
Finally, The Rotary Foundation is a large and important part of our family of  Rotary.” Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar  - RI President 2005-06     

“Like our own family, we can count on the family of Rotary to help when help is needed and to share life’s joys and sorrows.
Being part of Rotary means being part of the largest extended family in the world.
Rotary is an organization of people who care — about their homes, their communities, and each other.
And caring is what family is all about. ”W.B. (Bill) Boyd - RI President 2006-07    

“Our family of Rotary is strong because it’s close, and because it’s always forming new ties.
We need to ensure that Rotary keeps growing – in all the branches of our family.
We should always be looking for and inviting qualified men and women to join our clubs.” Wilfred (Wilf) Wlkinson - RI President 2007-08.

“December is family month. It is a time to focus on our families, to involve them in our Rotary service, and to challenge ourselves to do even more for those in need.
Because there are so many families and so many children waiting for our help, we, as Rotarians, cannot look away.
We cannot and will not rest until all children, everywhere, have the chance for a long and healthy life.” Dong Kurn (D.K.)  Lee  - RI President 2008-09
“The idea of the family of Rotary is a simple one, and one that we celebrate every December during Family Month.    
Every Rotarian is part of the Rotary family – but our family is much larger than just our 1.2 million members.
The family of Rotary includes every one of the men, women, and children who are involved in our work: the spouses and children of our members, our Rotary Foundation program participants and alumni, and all of those who are part of our programs, in the tens of  thousands of  Rotary communities around the world.” John Kenny - RI President 2009-10
“I feel incredibly strongly that Rotary should never, ever come between the
Rotarian and the family.
Rotary service should be something that brings the family closer together. The more that families are involved in Rotary, the more Rotary will thrive – today and tomorrow.” Kaylan Banerjee - RI President 2011-12