Posted by Graham Fussen on Nov 29, 2013

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After eight long years of uncertainty, the Centenary Time Capsule is about to be laid to rest. It was sealed in a granite cairn on October 30th 2005 and to be re-opened fifty years later. Thirty two clubs in D9500 provided various articles.  Some of the members from those clubs witnessed the sealing at a celebration held at the home of Rotarians Elaine and Michael Frederick.

The Adelaide City Council has generously offered to place the cairn into the ground, alongside the ‘Rotary flagpole and plaque’ in Brougham Gardens and this happened on Thursday morning November 28th at approximately 11.00 am.  Some of you will also remember that in 2005 we raised the Rotary flag exactly 90 years after the first raising held in Kansas City on January 4th 1915.

My sincere thanks go to all those who have helped me complete this project. It will be interesting to be around for the re-opening. I hope the District Management Committee in 2055 doesn’t forget.

PDG Robert Brookes
Chairman Centenary Committee 2004-2005


   All Done ! - post note:

The Time Capsule has finally been laid to rest, and rests approx 150 mls above ground.  Oh! brother am I happy about that!!!!

Thanks to the Adelaide City Council workers (Parks and Gardens) and a number of Rotarians who came along to witness the placement. It now sits proudly alongside the flagpole and Rotary plaque in Brougham Gardens. The council workers will finish off the area with a cement border and then regrass around it. Brian Helbig helped the workers with his knowledge of the weight of the cairn (400 kgs) as it was swung into position with council equipment. ( front end loader with a back end bucket, which was used to lift it with various heavy duty slings).

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The exercise took about 70 minutes.

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Rotarians present were - Ary Van Kleef and Lorna, Katina & Jeff Jones, PDG Peter Rostron, Brian Helbig and Teresa, Peggy & me, Reg Hutchinson and Chris Magasdi. Also PDG Kerry Brandt-Wilson who was one of the Centenary committee.