Posted by The Editor
The new E-Club of District 9500 has no boundaries. It’s open to the world! Read this explanation by Inaugural President, Eric Russell.
 “The Rotary e-club of Greater South Oz 9500 is geographically based in the city and the state of South Australia; however as our Rotary International location is worldwide our members can live anywhere in the world. While our members meet regularly on-line through this website, there is an opportunity for working together on projects to meet community needs in any country or locality.
We select who will be our leadership team and which projects we will support; members are encouraged to be involved and engaged in the club’s activities. The Rotary E-Club of Greater South Oz 9500 was chartered on the 22nd of June 2015”.

Members "touch base" each week by logging into the e-club's members only website. New information is added to the website, and the weekly discussion topic is posted, on a Monday evening.  Visitors can review material which may be in written, audio or video format, make comments on it, update the status of projects, volunteer their time on projects of their choice, chat with other members, and more.  Our club members also get together to work on projects and occasionally just to have a good time.
Being a Rotarian is all about being an active member of a team of people who have fun making the world a better place to live in.  If this interests you, go to our Web page and let us know of your interest via our attached expression of interest form.
Meetings:  As an e-club, we primarily conduct our club’s work online, with occasional (optional) face-to-face meetings for those able to join in.
“Meetings” entail logging into our Website regularly, at whatever time suits each individual, and participating in discussions.
Our online GoToMeeting will be scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month and will provide an opportunity for a guest speaker at least once per month and real-time discussion and reports on a range of topics including our projects.
During the online discussions we plan projects and events, find ways to use our skills and knowledge to help our local and global communities, and enjoy networking and building friendships.
For those that are able to join us, we’ll have some “face-to-face” meetings in locations where it suits members who live near another member/s or when a member is visiting the area.  It is not necessary to be able to make the face-to-face meetings to join the e-club.  For those that can’t join us, you can simply connect through our website or our Wednesday GoToMeetings.