Posted by Denise Palmer
In January of 2014, ​OGCDC welcomed the return of Sue and Denise from Australia, to continue their training and support of Physiotherapy programs of OGCDC and Rehabilitation departments of Hue Medicine and Pharmacy University Hospital.
During this visit they worked with our staff to supported children with mobility disability by providing items such as supportive boots and equipment to enable the children to engage in activities of daily living.  They also went with our staff to Centres supported by OGCDC, as well as to the Nam Dong district to offer technical support for teachers and the parents under the community rehabilitation program.
Sue also conducted a “train the trainer” course to provide an opportunity for the therapists and lecturers to enhance their skills in delivery of the practical component of the physiotherapy university degree course and also to run their own small group continuing education sessions.  This will be supported in the long term by a website forum for therapists overseen by OGCDC.


            Sue Durand facilitating the “Train the Trainer” practical sessions

With the financial support from the Dreamin Foundation Inc Adelaide, South Australia, Sue and Denise were able to engage the services of Dr Rebecca Dogan, PhD, BCBA-D, LMHP, Paediatric Psychologist & Behavioural Consultant.  Dr Dogan conducted a2 day theory and practical training course on evidence based assessment and treatment of neuro developmental disorders, specifically Autism Spectrum Disorder.  There were 22 participants on the course, which included therapists, teachers, technicians and doctors of Rehabilitation departments of Hue Medicine and Pharmacy University hospitals. The training provided relevant and useful knowledge for all the attendees. 


                Dr Rebecca Dogan facilitating the practical sessions of her training workshops
In conclusion, we would like to express sincere thanks to Dreamin Foundation Inc, for their continued support of our early childhood physiotherapy intervention program which is achieving good results for the children with special needs.  
As a result of the extensive training over the years by Sue and her team of consultant physiotherapists, our therapists are able to continue the physical therapy programs through delivery of the individualised treatment plans for children with disabilities in Huong Thuy district, Huong Tra district and Thua Thien Hue Province.  Reviews of progress of the children are made and equipment and treatment plans adjusted accordingly.  Parents and teachers are taught how to use the equipment to benefit the child and photographic plans are generated and left with families and teachers to assist them to follow the interventions.  In addition, the physical therapy programs continue in the Centres overseen by OGCDC as well as training of teachers who work directly with the children.


  Local Physiotherapists Sang and Hiep assisting the children with their individualised physiotherapy programs.

The Early Intervention Physiotherapy Program for children with disabilities receives great care and support from kind organizations and individuals. On behalf of the disabled children and their families, we would sincerely like to thank the following benefactors who continue to support us in bringing real happiness to the underprivileged children by improving their quality of life.


Mr KINGSLEY & Mrs. DENISE PALMER (South Australia)

Mrs. SUE DURAND (South Australia)