Posted by PDG RC Malcolm Lindquist on Nov 24, 2014
Rotary follows the Yellow Brick Road at the 2014 Adelaide Royal Show, thanks to PDG Barbara Wheatcroft. Since 2008 under the direction and tireless work of Barbara, Rotary clubs from Districts 9500 and 9520 have shared their time to man 5 selling booths over a 9-day period.
Thirty years ago the General Manager of the Apple & Pear Growers of South Australia and the Chief Executive Officer of the Citrus Board of South Australia met to consider how the two groups could put together a healthy showbag, based on the five food groups, for sale at the annual Adelaide Royal Show............. And so the Yellow Brick Road showbag was born.

The showbag is sold as an empty bag and includes a map of the show grounds with the collection stops on it (the yellow brick road). At each stop the map is stamped and product is collected. The map takes the participants all around the grounds.

The original participants were the Apple & Pear Growers Assoc., the Citrus Board of SA, Buttercup Bakeries (Goodman Fielders), the Potato Growers Assoc. of SA and the SA Dairy Assoc. The products in the original showbag included an apple and a pear, 2 oranges, a loaf of bread, a carton of milk and a baked potato.

The concept grew to include a greater range of products and in recent years it has been re-named as a healthy lifestyle bag as it now includes products which are manufactured as well as fruits and vegetables, but which still fit within a ‘healthy ‘ lifestyle and involves 14 stops on the road.

       Rtn Charles Schahinger(left)                                    Donut Van with Rtn Liam Bache
       with Bronwyn and Mike Keelan
Since 2008 under the direction and tireless work of PDG Barbara Wheatcroft (D9500) Rotary clubs from Districts 9500 and 9520 have shared their time to man 5 selling booths over a 9-day period. A total involvement of almost 300 people every year, earning approx. $13,000 - $14,000 for the 20+ clubs involved each year.

This has been an excellent opportunity for Rotary clubs to become involved in a fund raiser for their club and established a very strong relationship between Rotary and the Yellow Brick Road group.

For some clubs this is a significant fund raiser, for others an opportunity to meet Rotarians from a different District and clubs to share stories of what projects they are doing in their Rotary clubs. This sharing of ideas has developed new friendships and the clubs look forward to being involved each year.

Also involved in the Adelaide Royal Show is the Rotary Club of Mount Barker which has run its famous donut stall for the past 10 years. Both of the above activities have ensured that one million people each year observe Rotarians Lighting Up Rotary in the community.