Below is some detail about who comprises Rotary D9510 Alumni.
Also as to what pathways that may be available to Alumni after they have participated in their Rotary program.
That participation may be either recently or could have been many years ago.
The current Rotary programs are:-
Youth Programs
Rotary Youth Exchange(Short and Long Term RYE)
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards(RYLA)
National Youth Science Forum(NYSF)
Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment(RYPEN)
Rotary Youth WELLbeing(RYWELL)
Roadsafe Youth Driver Awareness(RYDA)
New Generations Service Exchange
Rotaract(ages 18 to 30  and now able to be extended from 30yo)
Interact(Secondary Schools)
Rotary Foundation Programs
Peace Scholars
Ambassadorial Scholars
Foundation Scholars
Vocational Team Training(VTT) and Group Study Exchange(GSE)
Other Rotary Programs
Rotary Australia World Community Services(RAWCS)
Our key goal from Alumni activities is to initiate and maintain communication with our Rotary Alumni , whether they be from recently run programs or past programs.
The pathways within Rotary D9510 will depend on each individual Alumni’s choice and will relate to their current circumstances eg they may live locally. Interstate or overseas;
they may have time or financial restrictions  given their vocation or family circumstances.
Those available pathways could be :-
# an informal Alumni link
# assist with the Rotary program which they participated in eg RYLA team leader
# join a Rotary eclub that meets online
# join a Rotaract Club ….young membership applies
# join as a Friend or Member of the Rotary Club that Sponsored you in your program
What are the Benefits to Alumni
# Networking, connecting, leadership for professional and personal development
# Mentoring(to or from)
# Pursue your specific project passions
# Engage with fellow Alumni and like-minded colleagues
# Find a Rotary or Rotaract connection, if desired.
Our communication with Alumni will be online and our Alumni Committee have strong online knowledge and with close links to pathways.
Clearly the communication can also come from Sponsor Rotary Clubs  to their own Alumni or it can be from  the Chairs  of the various Rotary Youth and Foundation Programs direct to their participants.