Welcome to the resource page for Media Campaign
Elements of the Campaign:
A number of media elements have been prepared in readiness for our Districts Marketing Campaign.
So far  -  
  • 54 selected Rotary videos have been edited with a District Rotary logo and ‘Contact Details’ end tag.
  • Two 30 second Television adverts have been edited (ready for Rating number), with an Australian voice over.
  • The television advert versions will have male and female voice overs – so there will be 4 adds in total.
  • Three radio voice overs have been recorded and edited.
There is one single contact email:   Volunteer@Rotary9510.org 
This email will be monitored and responded to each day,
and interested people contact details will be passed onto the nearest Club.
Alternative versions of TV and Radio adverts will be re-edited for the Alice Springs media campaign.
A range of selected image media for Alice Springs will be branded with a separate email contact.
A selection of print (image media) have been edited to include a District Rotary logo and email contact.
These include 'Rotary Statement Images' and Rotarian images and text   “Why I joined Rotary” for Social Media posts
Rotary Videos on Vimeo can be downloaded and added as 'embed file' on websites and social media pages.
Team Leader PR & Communication,
Graham Fussen
Mobile 0412 694 461